Cowboy Bebop

I first watched Cowboy Bebop on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim a couple of years ago when I was trying to fall asleep. My first reaction was, "What is this and why am I watching it?" After this happened a few more times, I started to understand it and the brilliance behide it.

It was only on the air in Japan for one season, but it's rated as one of the best Anime cartoon's ever. The animation was sharp, the stories deep and multilayed, and the music was incredible. There are 26 episodes, and one movie made about the adventures of the Bebop.

In the 21st century, humanity has developed an interplanetary society. Among the lawless and dangerous worlds of the Solar system, a new breed of “cowboy” bounty hunters pursue the outlaws and crime families who strive to make a dishonest buck. The crew of the good ship Bebop are all “cowboys” of some description – Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Ed and Ein the data-dog are set for crime-fighting adventures. Cool and romantic, funny and dangerous, the cowboys of the Bebop take on drug dealers, hackers and terrorist organisations.

Spike Spiegel

A laid back bounty hunter with a mysterious past and a questionable future, Spike Spiegel isn't your typical animé hero. And with his lanky build, breezy demeanor and retro fashion sense, he's not your typical action hero either. Yet somehow he pulls off being both, pulling off truly spectacular feats of physical dexterity in combat (using what seems to be a mix of Jeet Kun Do and his own moves) and his truly carefree attitude towards putting himself (and occasionally others) at risk.

Spike's past is a puzzle that is gradually unfolded throughout the course of the series, but even when the last show is complete, you are still left with many questions. Initially all that's known is that Spike worked for the Red Dragon Mafia on Mars, and three years ago faked his own death in order to escape the organization. Once out he ended up meeting with Jet Black, a former ISSP (a sort of interstellar police force) officer who quit the force after the job cost him his arm. Together they decided to skirt the edge of the law as bounty hunters, and it's during this time period that the show takes place.

Jet Black

Jet Black is the closest thing to an authority figure you'll find aboard the Bebop. Formerly an agent within the ISSP, Jet quit, disgusted with the corruption he found prevalent through out the interstellar police force. Jet now finds himself a bounty hunter alongside Spike and the rest of the crew of the Bebop, his beloved ship.

Jet is a calm, thoughtful man, who maintains a cool head throughout the many ordeals he's found himself in since teaming up with Spike. Much preferring to tend his bonsai trees then to go dashing off frantically on a risky case, Jet often clashes with the more headstrong Spike, even going so far as to banish him from the ship on more than one occasion. Jet's past is nearly as mysterious as Spike's, for the real reason he left the ISSP, as well as the origin of his prosthetic arm, remain unknown, even to Spike. As the most senior member of the Bebop's eccentric crew, Jet is perhaps the closest thing the crew has to a leader, and often acts the guiding hand behind the gang's adventures.

Faye Valentine

The closest thing to a heroine of the series, Faye Valentine is beautiful, smart, deadly and a bit insane. As comfortable blowing up a building as she is putting on lipstick, Faye is one woman you don't want to cross. With her oddly designed, but heavily armed Redtail space superiority fighter, not even space is safe.

Like the first two, Faye's past is a mystery, but in her case it's a mystery even to her. Seems that while spending some time (54 years to be exact) in cryogenic suspension, an accident caused her to lose her memory, making it even harder for her to explain to the doctor that woke her up why she can't paint the enormous medical bill she accrued. On the lamb with a huge price on her head, Faye continues to gamble her way through life, and discovered her calling as a bounty hunter. Nowadays she hangs out on the Bebop, eating constantly, torturing Ein, and generally making life difficult for everybody while trying to pay back the creditors that track her every move.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, or Ed as she (yes, Ed is a she) is more commonly known, is the Bebop's resident hacker and computer expert.

An orphan who grew up on the devastated remains of the Earth, Ed lived underground in the technologically advanced society that remained on the Earth after the destruction caused during the "Gate Incident". Living without ever knowing her parents Ed took it upon herself to get a name.

Growing up without parental restraints in a land of technology Ed quickly picked up the tools of the hacker trade, and along with her trusty laptop "Tomato" became feared as the hacking genius "Radical Edward". Spike, Jet and Faye caught up with Ed while pursuing a bounty and soon found themselves with a persistent stowaway.

Ed's personality is best described as "raving lunacy" (to put it politely). Often prone to random bursts of unintelligible gibberish, non-sensual songs and bizarre acts of flexibility (the girl can use a keyboard with her toes) Ed is seen as something along the lines of a crazy pet by the rest of the crew. Though eccentric to say the least, Ed, along with her bosom buddy Ein the super intelligent Corgi, always comes through in a pinch, and can't be matched for sheer know-how in the field of information technology.


More than just your average quadruped, Ein is a genetically engineered "data dog", a super intelligent canine developed illegally by a shady corporation for unknown reasons. Though no one on the show seems to realize exactly how special Ein is, we see him do a variety of strange feats, opening car doors via control panels, answering video phones, etc, proving that he's more than meets the eye.

Ein first joined up with Spike and his crew in Session 2, "Stray Dog Strut". In which Spike rescued him from profit-minded dog-napper Abdul Hakim. Even though Spike says he hates "kids and critters" he still goes out of his way to save Ein from falling off a bridge, which in turn led to the escape of Hakim.

Once aboard the Bebop Ein becomes a strange cross between a pet and a toy. Over the course of the series, the long suffering Ein is slept on, doodled on, forced to watch as Faye eats his dog food and generally picked on/tortured. Most of the time Ein can be seen following around/being commandeered by Ed, who he seems to like for no particular reason, especially since Ed does some of the strangest things of all to him (hallucinogenic mushrooms anyone?). But through it all, Ein holds his head up high and just strives to be the best damn mascot he can be.


She is the phantasm that continues to inhabit Spike's past- a clutch of memories never to be forgotten. When she appears before him, the world he had believed to be reality shifts toward the illusory. The illusion named Julia- her of unclear providence, unknown age.
Her tears, her smile, her perfume- never had he considered the possibility of their loss- all slip away into the recesses of a memory. All he remembers for certain is her name, and nothing more; even that may prove to be just a figment, another phantasm. But for the moment he can not be sure.
A woman, who disappeared on a rainy day; a betrayal, by the friend he considered a brother in arms; and flight, away from the organization that had raised and nurtured him- by thus destroying his own past and her ghostly phantasm, he 'died' a first death and was reborn anew.
Yet he subonciously continued to seek his truth, which he had supposedly destroyed and had vanished beyond the limits of his memory. For it is this very phantasm that defines the reality he lost, his anima and his sole embodiment of a woman. And once again, on another rainy afternoon, in that same place, he will find his destiny...
"It's all a dream... just... a bad dream..."


Vicious is a violent, cold-hearted man who prefers to work in solitude. Wielding a long sword with a black bird on his shoulder, he mercilessly carries out the will of the "Red Dragon" Crime Syndicate although his loyalty is questionable. He sees the Leaders as a bunch of incompetent corpses that have lost their edge. In their eyes, Vicious is a mere snake.

Vicious is obviously the bad guy of Cowboy Bebop. But what else goes with the traits of Bebop's villain? He is an psychological messed up character with two things on his mind: power and revenge. He wants to take power from the current leaders of the Red Dragons and become leader, meaning he will be the boss of the most
powerful crime syndicate on Mars, and possibly the whole Star System.

Vicious wants revenge for what two people that were close to him did that pissed him off. But his main target is his ex-partner/friend Spike Spiegel.

Once, Vicious was Spike's comrade. Now they are at each other's throats because of a woman named Julia, the woman he loved, the woman who fell in love with Spike.