Week One - July 30th, 2004

Dubya Fun Fact #1
Instead of focusing all of the United States’ resources to hunt down Bin Laden after the 9/11 attacks, Dubya decided it would be a better idea to invade Iraq.  It’s a fact that after 9/11 and leading up to the Iraq war, Dubya had fewer soldiers in Afghanistan looking for Bin Laden than the number of police officers on duty in New York City. 
But he found it necessary to send 140,000 American troops to Iraq.  Of those, 913 American soldiers have died as of 7/29/04. Click here to see an up to date count of the American dead and missing.

Dubya Fun Fact #2
When Dubya took office in 2001, the country was sitting on a 200 billion dollar budget surplus.  In today’s news, it was just announced that the estimated budget deficit will grow to 445 billion dollars in 2004.  Just after setting a record in 2003 with a deficit of 374 billion dollars. 
You might ask where the hell did all that money go?  How about to an Iraq war (that wasn’t justified) that is running a tab of around 125 billion dollars.  Or how about tax cuts that went mostly to the wealthiest individuals in the country.

Kerry Fun Fact #1
Let’s start with the obvious that has been mentioned time and time again by the democrats.  John Kerry actually has experience in war from serving in Vietnam where he earned three purple heart medals.
Kerry also served for 19 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Funny that the republicans and the “liberal media” still manage to paint a picture that he would somehow be soft on defense and that he would lack the experience to be commander-in-chief.

Kerry Fun Fact #2
Kerry supports more tax cuts for Americans who make less than $200k per year.  And instead of funding it with borrowed dollars that increase our deficit, he wants to roll back the portion of the Bush tax cuts that benefited those that make more than $200k per year.

CNN article containing information regarding the 2003 and 2004 budget deficits.

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