Week Six - September 3rd, 2004


This week is a bit long but with all the rhetoric the Republicans are spewing at their convention I had to add a little more than usual.  It’s amazing how the entire convention has consisted of two things.  First, exploiting 9/11/01.  Second, attacking Kerry with the obvious “flip-flop” garbage we’ve heard time and again.  In light of that, both of this weeks’ quotes highlight Dubya & Co flip flopping over the issues. 

And here’s something to remember, the majority of items the Republicans spin and spit to support Kerry being a flip-flop is from his Senate career that spans many many years.  I sure hope that someone’s views would change over time and evolve with the current issues that the country is facing.  If people’s views didn’t change over time we would still have segregated schools and women wouldn’t be allowed to vote.

The flip-flops evident in this week's quotes from Dubya and Ridge are from the last few weeks.  And does it matter if you’re consistent 100% of the time if you are consistently wrong because you favor big business interests and hurt the common working American?

Enjoy this week’s Volume and don’t believe the rhetoric coming from the RNC this week.

Dubya Fun Fact #11
Dubya, his administration, and the GOP platform for 2004 are the most conservative seen in years…if not ever.  Yet they try to mask their conservative views to the public to try and sneak back into the white house by using moderate/liberal republicans at their convention to try to appeal to the voters.  Following is a short outline of Dubya & Co.’s stance on certain issues vs. those that are representing them at this year’s convention.

Dubya & Co.

  • Completely against a women’s right to choose…most of the administration are even against abortion in the case of rape or incest.
  • Against gay rights.  They want to add discrimination to the constitution by means of “protecting the sanctity of marriage” between a man and woman.
  • Pro-death penalty
  • Against almost every measure of gun control.
  • Pro school vouchers that would further decrease the amount of funds provided to public schools by diverting the money to private, religious schools.  What happened to separation of church and state?
  • Against legalizing marijuana for scientifically proven medicinal purposes

Michael Bloomberg, Republican Mayor of New York City

  • Pro-choice
  • Pro gay rights
  • Pro gun control

John McCain, Republican Senator from Arizona

  • Is very supportive and respectful of John Kerry’s Vietnam service.  Sharply criticizes Dubya & Co. for attacking Kerry’s record in Vietnam and for failing to denounce the completely false allegations raised in the Swift Boat ads.

Rudy Giuliani, Former Republican Mayor of New York City

  • Pro-choice
  • Pro gay rights
  • Pro gun control, including support for licensing all handguns

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Republican Governor of California

  • Pro-choice
  • Pro gay rights
  • Pro gun control
  • Anti-school vouchers
  • Favors legalizing medicinal marijuana

Zell Miller, “Democratic” Senator from Georgia

  • Gave keynote speech at Democratic National Convention in 1992 during which he blasted George Bush and the republican party for mastering “…the art of division and diversion.”
  • At a Democratic event as recent as 2001, he introduced John Kerry and praised him as an “authentic hero.”
  • In the last 4 years, Zell the “Democrat” has voted with Dubya and Co approximately 90% of the time.  He is a Democrat in name only.
Because Dubya & Co are afraid to talk about his failed economic policies, the entire convention consists of the moderates and liberals of the party putting on a show to masquerade the true conservative platform of the administration.  And of course they chose New York City to exploit the tragedy of September 11th and try to brand it as a republican event.  Click here for more detailed information about all of the speakers at the RNC and how they are completely out of touch with the actual platform and policies or Dubya & Co.

    Dubya Fun Fact #12

    Richard Clarke (Dubya’s Chief Anti-Terrorism Advisor) and Paul O'Neill (Dubya’s US Treasury Secretary) both testified that Bush was intent on invading Iraq within the first few days of his presidency.  Clarke claims that Bush ignored his warnings about an imminent al-Qaeda attack.  On 9/12/01, Bush instructed his staff to find a connection between al Qaeda and Iraq, and despite no connection ever being discovered (and against the CIA's recommendation), he still chose to invade Iraq.  Note: This has been confirmed by The 9/11 Commission Report that was recently released.

    Kerry Fun Fact #9

    The claim from Dubya and Republicans alike is that Kerry would only utilize the United States’ military after obtaining consent from the United Nations.  This is a complete lie.  John Kerry has made it completely clear that he will not hesitate to use military force to go after terrorists.  The difference between Dubya and Kerry is that Kerry will actually utilize diplomacy to the fullest extent.  He won’t invade a sovereign nation, putting our troops at risk, unless it is necessary due to a clear imminent threat (which by the way was not the case in Iraq).

    Here is a comparison of Dubya and Kerry regarding national security

    Kerry Fun Fact #10

    John Kerry did not vote against the $87 billion to fund the Iraq war because he doesn’t support our troops.  He voted against it to send a message to Dubya & Co. that they couldn’t have a blank check to use as they please.  In the bill, there was over $10 billion of money unallocated.  Meaning it would be for the war but at the discretion of Dubya & friends.  This eventually led to some of the money provided by the bill going to companies like Halliburton whom have been overcharging the US government millions of dollars for the “services” they are providing in Iraq.

    Here is an article on how Halliburton wasted US taxpayers’ dollars in Iraq.  How about charging the US taxpayer $50,000 a month for soda (at $45 a case!)?

    Dubya Quote of the Week
    I don't think you can win it” – George W. Bush when asked by NBC’s Matt Lauer if the US can win the war against terror, 8/28/04.

    Two days later…

    "We meet today at a time of war for our country; a war we did not start, yet one that we will win." – George W. Bush speaking to Veterans, 8/30/04

    Over the course of a few days Dubya went from “winning the war” to fighting a war that can’t be won back to “winning the war.”  And the Republicans have the nerve to spend the majority of their hateful convention bashing John Kerry for being a “flip-flop.”  Here is article discussing Dubya’s words.

    Other Quote of the Week

    "We don't do politics in the Department of Homeland Security.  Our job is to identify the threat." – Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, 8/3/04

    Here is an article that has the quote in it.

    Two days earlier…

    But we must understand that the kind of information available to us today is the result of the President’s leadership in the war against terror.” – Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, 8/1/04

    Here is an article that has the quote in it.

    Maybe it’s just me being a liberal…but that second quote from Ridge sure sounds a hell of a lot like a plug for the president…but wait!…the Department of Homeland Security doesn’t do politics!  Whatever.


    • Here is a brief Village Voice article outlining portions of the Republican Party Platform.  The platform in its entirety can be viewed here at the GOP’s website.
    • The official website for Kerry
    • The official website for Dubya
    • Forgot My Lunch - My friend John's website.  On it he has a re-defeat Bush section that archives past Volumes of my weekly BU - - SH - - email as well as some other good info.  Definitely check out the "Bush Vs Bush from the Daily Show" link.  It is very funny.

    Haikus of the Week

    Speak against the war
    You must hate America
    I'll call John Ashcroft

    You kind of suck, dude.
    No more jobs for us at all.
    Autumn, we'll fix it.

    Media (books, CDs, etc.)

    • Green Day has a new album – American Idiot – out on September 21, 2004.  I’ll give you one guess what the name of the album is referring to.
    • Unconstitutional: The war on our Civil Liberties.  Documentary video available this September.  Here is a website with more information.

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