How to Fix the Force

Like many Star Wars fans, I was upset about George Lucas' explanation about where the Force comes from. From the first three movies, the Force is a mystical power that life creates. In the prequels, the Force is said to comes from micro-cells called Metachlorians. The more Metachlorians you have, the stronger the Force is within that Jedi. I find this explanation a bit disappointing, and never understood why Lucas felt he needed to explain where the Force came from in the first place.

Below is an instant message conversation between myself and Randy where we tried to find a way Lucas could keep his stupid Metachlorian idea, but also keep the faith aspect of it, too.

John: After this one, only one more - never. Sad!
Randy: one more what? Movie about star wars?
John: Yep.
John: I think I am going to start crying...
Randy: The next film will be the best one though!
John: I hope James Earl is still alive.
Randy: Sure he will be.
John: The guy is old! They should call it - Stars Wars - Loose Ends
John: Or : Star Wars - It's a Stretch, but Believable
John: Or Star Wars: How the Hell Can I Make This Work?
Randy: Star Wars - The Metachlorians Were A Bad Idea
Randy: I think that Jar Jar should accidentally kill all the metachlorians
John: Yeah - if I get a blood transfusion from a Jedi, am I a Jedi?
Randy: Here is what George could do to fix that
Randy: Have A. Skywalker get pissed off at Ben
Randy: Since Ben will sleep with the queen since she is so hot
Randy: Then
John: So far I follow..
Randy: He turns to dark side, creates a virus for the metachlorians
Randy: without anyone realizing it, the metas are all dead
Randy: This is how he wipes out the Jedi
Randy: from that day forward
Randy: the Jedi only have their FAITH in something called the force
Randy: and they realize
Randy: that this FAITH in the force is actually where the power is. Sure, some with metachlorians will no longer have power, but a few, such as Vader, kenobi, yoda, later luke etc. actually have strong mystical ties to the force and the metachlorians mistake can be forgotton
Randy: I think it is way cooler to have this mystical religious thing that some dumb biological explanation for it all
John: Um... That would make up for that Metachlorian mistake. I wonder why George felt the need to explain the force that way...
Randy: I dunno.
Randy: It was really stupid. I should have let him know
Randy: I am thinking it could now be a great plot device though
Randy: Make it seem like Vader is going to kill the FORCE, not just the Jedi
Randy: and then find out that the religion and the force is real
Randy: that some people don't need the metachlorians at all
John: Other than that (and Jar Jar, Ewoks,) I think he's cool
Randy: maybe the metas simply feed on the force that some people already have
John: Yeah! You should have told him that in Florida
Randy: The force is with you, and the metachlorians smell it
Randy: so, if you have a lot of metas, it's not what GIVES you the force, it is just an indicator that the force is strong with you
John: I see - it's a by product and not the cause
Randy: Let the meta's die, and you have only killed some stupid virus. Exactly
John: Like Force Groupies
Randy: YES
John: Good idea
Randy: kill the groupies, and some might feel like they have no power, like a band without groupies might think they have no talent
Randy: but it is not the case. The force exists with or without the metas
Randy: We will see what George does with it.
Randy: I think it was stupid to bring it up at all.
John: I like that idea. I think he will see the light
John: Me too
Randy: I'd rather just believe there is a force
John: That I could have, too, if I practiced enough
Randy: I mean, come on, if they could just grab a few metachlorians and inject them, they could give the force to everyone
Randy: Ohh, but look out, because that would let people who are evil get the force power too.
John: They could make a Candy Bar with the force in it.
Randy: Stupid metachlorians. What a terrible idea that was
Randy: Yes. Chocochlorian Bar
Randy: or Meta Krunch
John: Or Force Feeders
Randy: Whatchyametachlorianit.
John: Can't top that one, so I won't even try.