The History of James Younging

Just look at him... James Young is the hardest rocker, hottest dresser and I bet he always has minty fresh breath, too. He's simply the best!

I haven't always felt this way about James Young. In fact, up until 2000 I thought he was an ass. What changed my mind?

I was shooting a wedding one weekend out of town, and my friend Randy and I were sharing a hotel room. After finding nothing else to watch, we decided on a Styx reunion concert. They played Mr. Roboto, Too Much Time on my Hands, and all their hits from the eighties.

Every time James Young appeared on the screen, I wanted to smack him across the face. Here was an aging rocker, who was trying to act like a teenager. We was playing with the crowd, acting surprised he could play so well, doing the eighties head-banger thing, and interacting badly with the rest of the group. I would shout, "What a dork!" when I saw him, and Randy would agree with me.

After a while, I thought, "It's no fun if we both bash James Young. I am going to start liking him." and announced this change of heart to Randy. After that when James ran across the stage we would cheer him on! "What a great guy!" and, "I wish I was as cool as James Young!", and "James Young is the best person - EVER!".

Of course we really hated him, but this made seeing him more enjoyable. Because of this, a new term, "James Younging", was introduced and used in unpleasent situtations to make the job easier to do. For example, "Man, I just love mowing the lawn on these hot and humid days." and, "I just LOVE filing!". We "James Younged" mowing and filing, and that made the task easier to do.

Am I putting a new spin on whitewashing a la Mark Twain?